Tube Float

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

Tube Float

The first organized tube float was held on June 17, 1972. Then called the 'First Annual Big River Tube Float', I'lI doubt the organizers never envisioned the event becoming bigger every year or becoming a major fundraiser for the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. The float started from Bluewater Lagoon to Big River, a six mile course attracting 187 entrants and the overall winner on the day (16 year old Fred Kimball, CA) taking 66 minutes to cross the finish.

The 2nd 'Annual Big River Tube Float' had 224 entrants and again took exactly 1 hour 6 minutes to finish. This time by 15 year old Chris Polson of California, was the overall winner. In an article that year The Parker Pioneer wrote "The high point of the race was the interest shown in group entries where numbers and not speed counted". The group winner that year was an entry under the name 'United Jiffy Mart' of Lakeside who had 49 floaters.

Fast-Forward: 2013 hit an all-time record of registered participants at 4,271. We held our numbers in 2014 at 4,536. We have great plans for the 2015 Annual Parker Tube Float so stay tuned!

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